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"The Metamorphic technique's gentle subliminal action has generated an enormous impact on my life. And it continues to do so on both a cellular and emotional level, without any special effort on my part. With this technique, everything seems to fit into place naturally".
Lynn, Nice

I first tried the Metamorphic Technique when I was pregnant with my third child. My previous two labours had lasted days, so thought it could only help me - but didn't realise how much until 4 hours into my third labour my son was born with ease, he has since shown himself to be a much happier, serine and independent baby than the first two.
A month after having him join our family I realised that I too had changed in ways that I didn't even realise until Lesley pointed them out to me, thinking that I had always been like that.
Karen, Antibes
Holistic Metamorphose - Lesley Anderson

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